Executive Officer 2022 Internet Recharter Fee Issue

Our COR changed Executive Officers a few months ago. We had them complete an application, and they now appear on our Internet Recharter roster, with the correct Executive Officer position. The problem is that the system is trying to charge the $45 adult leader fee for them. We never paid a fee for our Executive Officers in the past. Does anyone know how to get this resolved?

@WarrenWright - the executive officer does not need an adult application… there is your issue. Fir most councils you would need the new unit application… which seems counter intuitive but it is the only place that lists the XO.

Can you provide the executive officers bsa member number (no names)?

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@jacobfetzer There actually isn’t one listed for them, just dashes.

OK, let’s try it a little differently. What is your bsa member number? Which unit is this for? And what are the IH’s initials?

@jacobfetzer 116275865, Pack 57, JS. Thanks!

I’ve passed this along to the developers. I’m not sure when we will have an answer.

@jacobfetzer Thanks!

Thank you for posting this. Our Council requires a New Unit Application each time our CO changes their Executive Officer (usually mid year). Now if I could find a current fillable New Unit Application I would be all set.

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@WarrenWright - so word of advice next time there is an XO change DO NOT USE THE ADULT APPLICATION.

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@WarrenWright The developers have acknowledged this as a bug related to submitting an adult app. I do not know when it will be fixed.

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Log out and log back in. The developers have manually corrected your issue.

@jacobfetzer Thank you so much for your help! That worked and we have now completed recharter for our Pack!