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Another Executive Officer 2022 Internet Recharter Fee Issue

Continuing the discussion from Executive Officer 2022 Internet Recharter Fee Issue:

Hello. I posted a previous topic regarding our Cub Scout Pack having an Executive Officer change, and the recharter system attempting to charge $45 for them. Thankfully, @jacobfetzer was able to bring the issue to the developers’ attention and had it fixed, allowing our Pack to successfully complete recharter. Thanks again for the help!

Our sister unit, a Scouts BSA Troop that shares the same Charter Org is having the same issue, since they also have the same Executive Officer change this year. Their Scoutmaster’s BSA member number is 2147865 (this is my father, who also shares my name), Troop 750, and the Executive Officer initials are JS. Would it be possible to have the developers make the same fix for them? Our shared Charter Org Rep (and their Scoutmaster) has requested that I ask on their behalf.

Thank you in advance and please let me know if anything else is needed!

Can you provide the bsa member number of the individual completing their recharter?

@jacobfetzer Sure, it is 2137703.

I have reported this to the developers. I don’t know how quickly they will look at it.

Is the new issue for Troop 750G?

@jacobfetzer This is actually for Troop 750B. Sorry for any confusion.

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I just checked the remaining units that I have to recharter and the XO is now listed with a BSA ID and no fee. I removed the manual add that I had done as that had the 50.04 charge.

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They are working on a more permanent fix to omit the fee for certain positions when added as there are definitely instances that you’d need to change the IH.

@WarrenWright Can you check if this is fixed?

@jacobfetzer I just sent them a message to check and confirm. I will let you know once I hear back. Thanks!

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@jacobfetzer They just advised that there has not been a change yet, with the Executive Officer fee still appearing.

Can you ask them to hit the refresh button and then log off and back on if that doesn’t work?

@jacobfetzer and @WarrenWright - I just processed the pack recharter and had to add back in the fee noted XO because validation failed at XO missing

@jacobfetzer @Stephen_Hornak I went back into Pack 057’s recharter and had an error message and it wouldn’t load. I assume this is related to this issue Stephen mentioned. I haven’t asked Troop 750 to retry yet based on this. Does this mean that the fix the developers were using to zero out the XO fee won’t work as originally thought? If so, what would be our best next steps here?

@WarrenWright - I did a successful submit by adding back in the fee charged manual add I did prior to the new no fee XO. It said all was posted and on council hold stage. I can deal with the 50 fee as I paid the recharter out of my account.

@Stephen_Hornak Are you saying that you paid a fee on the XO that you shouldn’t have needed to?

@jacobfetzer - I could not submit with the new * XO… it failed validation at the XO… added the fee charged manual entry and it passed and submitted

Ugh need20characters

@Stephen_Hornak Just so I’m on the same page, are you referring to the recharter for my Pack (Pack 057) or a different unit?

@Stephen_Hornak Was this today? Had you hit refresh?