Adult Knots - Who validates and records? Is it a digital record?

Are Adult Knots recorded anywhere digitally? Specifically, if I log into, internet advancement, or scoutbook, can I see if an Adult member of my Pack has earned a knot? For example, the Den Leader Knot, Scouters Training Knot, or Cubmaster Knot?


Councils might record the information, but typically not. The point has been made before by others on the board that there are cases of individuals with higher-level awards for which the “precursor” awards were not recorded.

@RyanHendrickson - it really is dependent upon the council. Some will record awards even down to specific religious awards others not so much. If the person has the knots on their uniform chances are good that they were awarded it.

When you say might record it, do you mean online in one of the systems?

I believe my Council does a paper record. If there is a place to record online in a system, I wanted to find out for them.

There is no place in My.Scouting to record them. I believe they are in the Registrar Tools. In the old system these were recorded on the “Person Record.” So you would need to check with your Registrar.

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But there is to view them. Depending on permissions (unit key 3? district level people can’t see this) they can pull up a Unit Advancement Details report on an individual. Our council is awesome in that all adult awards are recorded. They show up there.

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Here is an example from one of my committee members:


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Hi @Stephen_Hornak @Matt.Johnson,

Please give more details on how to find this report. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Doug.

@DougWright - hey Doug it is in > unit > roster > check box for adult > click on print > select Unit Advancement Details Report


Thank you. An interesting report. However, our council has not entered any adult awards. :frowning:

@DougWright - yeah that’s what I was saying that i really depends on the council

The Unit Advancement Details report is incredible! It even has the dates of merit badges I earned and rank advancements in the 90s. That’s a great resource.

Which tool is the Council able to use to have data entered into there? Registrar tools? I’d like to pass along the steps to enter the data to help them improve the process.

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Adult knots can be entered into a Scouter’s profile by someone at council with registrar tools access. Talk with your council.

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