Adult leader is unable to change her Scoutbook email in her profile

One of our adult leaders would like to change her Scoutbook email from her personal email address to a new one she is going to use just for Scouts.
Name: (removed by moderator)
Scoutbook email (current): (removed by moderator)
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

She wants to change her Scoutbook email to (removed by moderator)

When she gets to the Scoutbook screen to change her primary email, the textbox where she needs to type in the new email is grayed out and not editable. She cannot type in the textbox, and the Next box stays grayed out too. See the screenshot.

She has tried 3 different web browsers but still no success. Can you help her change her email?

(Image removed by moderator)

@ShirleyHou - please note the text above the email boxes.

User needs to go to Edit Profile @ShirleyHou

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@DonovanMcNeil, AH, I see now that User needs to click “Edit Profile” and NOT “Email” which then zips them over to Internet Advancement. Thank you.

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