Can't change the email address of an adult member of the troop

I don’t know why Scoutbook makes it so hard to update an adult’s email address. We have a committee member who said he wasn’t getting emails. I went in and found his email address was wrong on the roster. I changed it to the correct email address and I get an error saying that user exists under a different account. I can’t delete them and readd them because it won’t let me delete him. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

@LeonardToscano what is the BSA #?

BSA# is 113733423.

Thank you

@LeonardToscano this is fixed

Thank you! Is there a trick or something or just something that can only be done on the back end?

Users can change email themself - they are the only ones who can


One of the parents in my pack has not been receiving Scoutbook emails. I discovered that she doesn’t have an email listed in her profile. I went to the Edit Profile view and there isn’t an email field available to update. Some parents have this field (between Mobile Phone and Swimming Classification). How can I get this parent’s email listed? Thanks.

If they can log in, they can change it for themselves. If not, provide their bsa member number.

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