Adult Leader Warning Icon

My listing as an adult leader in Scoutbook has an error icon (yellow triangle with and exclamation point) and I cannot access any troop records. Anyone know what causes that? My YPT is current.


Usually, it means that the BSA ID associated with that account doesn’t appear on the official roster at my.scouting (i.e. council thinks you’re not currently registered).

The first pass I would make is to log in at my.scouting and check your registered positions under your profile. Also, compare the BSA ID there with the one in your Scoutbook account. Maybe you acquired an “extra” ID along the way.

@KristenFrissora Im working on this. It looks like you have a duplicate account

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@KristenFrissora This should be fixed now

Thank you both for the quick response and action. Looks corrected on my end. Thanks again!

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