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Adding adult leaders causing duplicate bsa ids?

Many many of our adult leaders seem to have duplicate BSA IDs.
An adult takes YPT - which means they have created a account - and they fill out their BSA adult app. They turn in the adult app and the YPT document to our registrar who confirms references and gets COR approval and turns into Council.
The troop registrar then uses scoutbook to invite the adult as a leader to the troop’s scoutbook. Most of the adults are found using the search feature. Once invited, if their profile is checked, their BSA ID in scoutbook is DIFFERENT than the BSA ID on the YPT paperwork.

Is this a problem with our process or is it just coincidence?
Thank you!

This is typically caused by the registrar not finding the adult when entering the new application. This can be because they used a nickname when registering for and their legal name on the application. WIth the requirement that a YPT certificate be included with the app should eliminate this problem, but it has not.

When I submit adult apps for my unit, I write their BSA# on the app. I have not had an issue with multiple BSA#s being assigned since I started doing this.

We also have this problem, despite writing the BSA id on the application. What is the correct process for getting it fixed? Does it need to be resolved first at Council, and then with an email to Scoutbook support?

I recommend you resolve it at the council first then send an e-mail to asking that the Scoutbook accounts with the BSA#s be merged. Specify in the e-mail which BSA# should remain after the merge.

Council tells us that there is currently an issue that BSA IDs created in my.scouting cannot be seen when they try to add new members, so they have to assign a new one. National is apparently working on it.

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Thank you for the follow up!!!