How Come Adults can not show they are Eagles on their Profiles

When is Scoutbook going to add a Eagle Scout button to the adult profiles like they have for OA. You would think the most important Award given in scouts would be able to be shown by our Adults.

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I am often corrected when I inadvertently say I am a former Eagle Scout. Once you are an Eagle, it’s for life! :wink:

One of the core design / development priorities is that Scoutbook will not add adult awards / recognition until it is feature complete for Scouts.


The BSA has basically said that all “adult recognition” (yes, I know Eagle is not an adult award) is prioritized behind complete support for youth awards.

In some ways I suspect that the plan (assuming there is one) is for us old folks to die off before they have to implement things like that. That way, all they need to do is work out how to display what’s already in the Scoutbook/IA2 records of scouters who were scouts under the Scoutbook/IA2 regime.

I suspect that implementing the OA recognition was easy to hit both youth and adult accounts, because the functionality is basically the same: add database fields to all person-records for a series of dates and an OA member number. Those fields are then used to support the OA Eligibility Report by excluding folks who are listed as already members. It got some flash by displaying the relevant OA honor sash (Ordeal, Brotherhood, Vigil) across the profile page.

Compare that to Eagle Scout, where youth show that based on rank completion and BSA Administrator approval, versus adults who would just be an unverified checkmark, at least as the systems are currently structured, and I begin to see why it’s low on the priority list.

Well what Charley has said is pretty close most Eagles were earned ona different BSA #. We are starting to see adults in the same councils with their Eagles in the systems, but that is basically year 2000 and on. - but for even those in the knot race and want to show that - most are not in AKELA for you - I know a Silver Beaver/Antelope/Buffalo (along with tons of other stuff.) Only thing in the system is the Buffalo.

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I thought as and adult we had the same BSA number.

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What support are they still missing for scouts. All the tanks and awards are listed for the scouts so it makes know sense. We have the NESA team. Why can they not go in and upload are I’d numbers to the system in batches.

You might have the same number if earned in the same council, which isn’t the case for many of us. Scoutbook supports a single member number per person.

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Every time someone moves to a new Council they get a new BSA Member ID.

I think @jacobfetzer and @edavignon hit the high points, particularly as it relates to BSA IDs. Even on, my Eagle and my current registration don’t both show up. I have to fiddle which of my BSA ID’s is primary to get different information to show up (or at least I had to last time I bothered).

In terms of what features are yet to be implemented, I’m not sure since the BSA doesn’t publish a list of what’s in development. That said, I do know from bits and pieces of other discussions here that the BSA is moving the entire system to a different platform/stack, so reimplementing everything that works now on the current system is likely on that “to do” list. I also know that the calendar system is being reimagined, again from passing comments in the groups here.

@NicholasCrawford - I pulled out my BSA membership card from 1978 and I note that it has my troop… troop 70 from Metuchen, NJ and the council number which was 352 with a dash 3… but no id number for me and it has my name as Steve… now I will say I did not make eagle… but I am holding out for the titanium bobwhite. It would be great to have recognition for adults but in the end the program is about youth.


Why hasn’t there been a complete redo of this entire site to make it significantly more user friendly? It’s an extremely frustrating/time consuming site to use. Surely there are enough UX designers associated in some way with scouts to redesign the entire platform.

Why is that the case? Seems like it would be a lot easier on everyone if BSA member IDs stayed with someone for life no matter where they end up.

There are historic reasons. In the pre-internet era, councils were assigned blocks of numbers to avoid assignment of the same number to different people in the records. That carried over to the logic of the software that was developed at the time, and persisted ever since. Scuttlebutt has it that the BSA is working toward resolving this issue in the future, but there’s no official published plan/timeline.

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“in 1937, Deputy Chief Scout Executive George J. Fisher expressed the BSA’s mission;
— Each generation as it comes to maturity has no more important duty than that of teaching high ideals and proper behavior to the generation which follows.“ BSA Founded | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

It is all a matter of money. The BSA only has so much money to dedicate to IT and it must be shared among multiple different programs.


Now when someone tries to correct me when I say that I was an Eagle Scout, I tell then “is” doesn’t apply because my scoutmaster can’t make up for lost time and earn it now.

Because Scouting isn’t for adults.

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