Advancement by BSA Administrator?

I am a new CM trying to navigate Scoutbook. I went in to update advancement for a scout and noticed that every new Tiger had be awarded the rank of Bobcat by BSA Administrator. The Tiger Den Leader used the Scoutbook calendar and marked the advancement activities we are planning on covering. All of our scouts not only show they have earn the rank (not one has gone through the YPT activities with their parents, but Scoutbook shows all of the ranks have been awarded. This puts our purchaser in a bind. Is there a way to turn off the BSA Administrator? Or should we just not use the calendar functions? Thanks.

There’s no way to lock-out the BSA’s admin function. Did the Tiger DL use the new Den Leader Experience login to set up/manage the meetings, or the regular login? That might help diagnose what happened and how to prevent it in the future.

@BrianMcMichael - the BSA Administrator is what is carried in from the council record side during sync. If paperwork is submitted to council and it is entered in scoutnet then it is reflected as that user.

Originally he used the DL Experience to create the calendar. However, since he could edit it, I removed the events and he re-entered them the regular scoutbook login.

We have not submitted any paperwork. The meeting has even happened yet.

Deleting the DLE events causes alot of issues - you can just go in and clear the approvals

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SUAC can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that anything from the automated processes also tends to show up the same way. For example, how does planned advancement entered and scheduled under the new DL Experience login get added to the record after the meeting occurs and is attended? I thought that was supposed to auto-populate, and I would have assumed it would show up as BSA Administrator.

Wow. That looks like a bug. It’s scheduled to be completed on 8/22/19, but is marked complete as of 8/8/19. By any chance was 8/8/19 the day that the events were created by the DL, or the day that you deleted them?

Who ever takes attendance in DLE is recorded as their user in the audit data

Thanks, @DonovanMcNeil. I guess my assumption was wrong. Does BSA Administrator uniquely identify it as something entered by Council/Nationals?

BSA Admin - just means it was in the national system

Approved by BSA Administrator usually means it came in from ScoutNET (old Internet Advancement or council).

I would suggest asking your local Council what their records indicate (they can also audit, and identify how it got in that system). That should tell you how it was entered. (Possibly an error from the Beta system, possibly a different error - human or otherwise.)

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