Who is BSA Admintistrator?

Who is “BSA Administrator”??? My counsel office is not positive who this person is, so I am reaching out in hopes to discover more information. Dates being entered in Scout Book by the “BSA Administrator” are false. Continuously having to go back and make corrections due to this person.

“BSA Administrator” is the generic label assigned to any entries made by personnel through the BSA professional-side advancement database interface. In my council, it most often means an error in manually entered advancement data.

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Usually that is council entering dates @StevenLamar

Anyone specific? Have already talked to our normal contact concerning advancement has no clue who this would be.

@StevenLamar - a question on how your unit is processing advancement? Are you handing in the printed forms to council ?

It could literally be anyone who has write access to the advancement database from the BSA professional/para-professional side, including someone at National.

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Reports are done thru internet advancement, only hard copies are kept with our unit.

So if anyone at council can make changes, then it sounds like I’m gonna just have to deal with it and continue doing regular “checks & balances”

It still doesn’t make sense why someone in your council is changing dates if you are doing it all electronically.

How many dates changed and on what ranks/awards? How many times?

Anyone at your council who has access to ScoutNet can enter advancements or make changes.

I am not sure why anyone would do this, but is not the message our troop is trying to teach.

If a council representative is going to adjust records, they need to reach to those who can provide the information. I have found dates out by a couple days and even up to a year off.

I understand the fat finger affect, I catch myself doing it. But this is becoming too frequent.

Mainly started this to gather information before proceeding on my next course of action.

Appreciate everyone input

In the interest of looking at a possible issue. I did run an audit report from the troop reports going back one year and found that BSA ADmin had updated cub awards on Scouts BSA members who have been out of cubs for some time. The updates did not seem to be cause issues on their cub history report but certainly interesting.

BSA ID’s to check:

There are others but the changes are tagged with 2021 dates

I doubt it is someone just going in and updating records at random. Many councils are behind in inputting paper advancement reports. When a paper report is processed, the audit data says BSA Administrator because the record flows from ScoutNET to Akela then Scoutbook.

You will need to speak with your council professionals to find out exactly what is happening.


I think getting a list of who and what will help get to the bottom. This is better than “in general” as there may be a pattern to it. That is, a reason behind it vs random.

Again, you are sure your unit did not submit any paper advancement reports?

Positive, I am the only one who does advancement. The only paper trail is what we keep as our own records. Council only receives electronic copies which I go over a couple times before submitting.

So, how many, what ranks/awards, when, and on what Scouts? Gather that data now and going forward and you should be better able to get to the bottom of it.

BSA Admin is either someone at the council or national who has access.

It also is marked off in scoutbook by BSA admin if you upload a file into IA from another advancement system.

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I never knew that! The benefits of having lots of folks in the conversation on display here…


@StevenLamar - help us help you… if there is something odd going on would it not be a bad idea to try to correct it with verifiable data or wild assumptions ?

On reviewing Eagle Scout applications we found dates don’t match the blue cards. Found out council person input info based on dates the cards/records were received by council and typos- dates in the future (there should be checks and balances and maybe we now have that, but not when info was entered.). Yes, BSA admin is info input from Council on up.

It’s frustrating.

Yes, that’s the great thing about Scoutbook. You now have many more eyes on things which inevitably catches mistakes sooner.