Advancement for other scouts in Scoutbook App

Forgive me if I missed this somewhere. I didn’t come across the answer when searching.

I am and Assistant Webelos Den Leader and and ASM/Advancement Chair for two troops. In the Scoutbook app, I am only allowed to see my own children/scouts. I cannot see any of the scouts from my Den or Troops - these come up fine in the web browser but not the app. I have appropriate rights in Internet Advancement 2.0 and Scoutbook (web version).

Is it possible to work with other scout profiles within the Scoutbook app or is that restricted to the web browser? If it is possible, how do I get the app to show the other scouts?

@GregoryKosharek Scouting App is just for Parents and Scouts - not leaders for other scouts

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Thanks. I was guessing as much but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Have a great night.

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