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Unable to use Scoutbook APP as Key 3 Delegate or Advancement Chair

I may be in the wrong forum so I apologize ahead of time.
I am able to login to the Scoutbook App but can only see my son’s information. In Scoutbook I am listed as Key 3 Delegate and Training Chair as well as I am truly the Advancement Chair.
How am I supposed to be set up to see other Scouts in the Scoutbook App to be able to make changes or just see Scouts Advancements?. The Scoutmaster wants me to have full access to the Scouts records and be able to change anything necessary.
Note: I can do things on a computer using my browser and signing into Scoutbook just not in the App.
Thanks for any help

The Scouting App is only for Parents and Scouts. You can use the in a browser to access what you need

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