Advancement glitch

Something is off on my Scout’s advancement - he completed Webelos and got “superachiever” for all electives including the preview ones… When I go to his page in SB+ - this is what I see. Several adventures have been approved and awarded but appears to be still “in progress”

When I go to his AOL page - it shows those old electives as “started” - even though he completed/awarded them as a Webelos

ETA: I checked a few others in his den (I am Cubmaster so I can see everyone) and they have the same situation - showing as “not started” when they have actually completed/been awarded the activity. Modular Design, Castaway, Game Design, Sports,

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We are having the same issue with out scouts and adventures earned but showing “not started”. I think that they ones that say “not started” are the adventures that are being discontinued for the 2024 changes.

kind of both - this is a cache issue that is being worked on


Thank you Donovan!!!

I am seeing the same issues

When I try to advance the den, I get an error about members in the den ,and it won’t let me advance anyone.

@ChristopherRodkey I assume you mean you edited the den and changed the den level. If that’s the case, Ive found that logging out, closing the browser, and logging back in shows everything changed as intended despite the errors.

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