Advancement Import still Pending

I have an import stuck in “Pending” mode for over 12 hours. The import file is formatted correctly. It uploaded correctly. IA will not process it for some reason. Need assistance in correcting please.

Thank you!

MID: 14049745

What is the file name?

There are 2 files - The name column in the History grid lists them as:

2022-08-22-20-44-22 and 2022-08-22-20-33-20

They were uploaded as:
2022-08-22-import.txt and 2022-08-22-2nd-Import.txt

@TimothyBozack are this still stuck?

Hi Donovan,

The import files are still there, showing as Pending.

Please advise.


I’m having the same issue today.

MID: 124608540
Filename: 2022-08-25-14-21-04
Status: Pending

Thank you!

Issue resolved for me.

Thank you!

My files are still showing as Pending. Should I remove them and try to import them again or do you have something else to try on your end?

@TimothyBozack you can try to end and restart - would be a good test


I have had this same issue since 8/23. Today I canceled my pending files and imported them again. That was several hours ago. Here are the files currently pending:


MID: 126875773

@DonovanMcNeil , last night I cancelled and resubmitted the import file (just 1 this time) and it still says Pending this morning, so the issue still exists.


The two files I listed earlier are still pending. As this has been an issue for days, is there any ETA on a fix? The timeliness of a fix is important, as I am preparing for a COH.

All we know is it is being looked at

There is a change going into system now to hopefully fix this - you will probably need to delete the pending and try again - maybe wait till 11 CST to start the process

I loaded a file yesterday that is still pending today. Is cancelling and uploading again the best way forward? Any idea how long it will take to update if I do this? I was hoping to pick up awards today from our local shop. Thanks.

@StevenSchumann yes steve that is the way to go - it is usually a fast (1 hour) process

You should cancel it, and resubmit it. It will then process.

Same problem. Have already tried submitting twice. IA is such a joke.

@StevenPratt try a Shift+Refresh of the page and try again

My file processed. Thank you!

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