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Advancement import stuck in “Pending”

I have seen where this has happened to other users, someone fixes it, but never posts the solution.

I have an import stuck in “Pending” mode for several hours. The import file is formatted correctly. It uploaded correctly. IA will not process it for some reason. Need assistance in correcting.


I received a call on that today and am looking into it

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I am having the same issue, going on day 2 with a file in pending status.


I am also having that same problem. I have a CoH in two days and I can not wait much longer, as our local scout shop has limited hours due to Covid. Please fix this bug.


Do you know when this Pending problem will get fixed? I uploaded a file at 11am and it is still pending… it is not 11:17pm


I am in the same situation.

Sorry to pile on, but I too have the same issue. Loaded the file 8 AM EST on 10/22. 24 hours later, it is still pending

Yup, same here. Was pending all day yesterday. I thought maybe it was just me so I canceled and tried again. It’s now been pending since yesterday evening.

I’m stuck in Pending as well. We have CoH next Wednesday and the only time I can get to my scout shop is tomorrow because it’s over an hour away. Is there something I can do to get this moving?

Dev is looking at this - you can always hand write an advancement report

If you are stuck just post your BSA# here - those with unique names I have found yours - with the MIDs (BSA#) the Devs can more quickly figure it out

My BSA ID is 12138954. Thank you!!!

I am having the same issue. My BSA# is 2091676. Thank you!

BSA ID 135359537. Pending for 24 hours now.

OK looks like during a server upgrade someone decided to rename a folder so broke the flow - they are working on getting it lined up again

Ah, the law of uncontemplated consequences… :^)

BSA ID 127717543 thank you

Report: Hopefully in 2 hours the system will have caught up with all the Pending ones


I’ve had an import pending for 20 hours. I’m now cancelling and trying again.

Whoops; forgot to include my BSA ID: 12165087