Advancement Import still "Pending"

I have an import stuck in Pending. This is the second attempt. I cancelled the first. The import file is formatted correctly to my knowledge, but it is not processing.

The file name of the one still in Pending status is listed as: 2022-08-23-20-24-39 and was uploaded as: SBL_advancement (3).txt

MID 135458236

A new role check was entered into system that is causing issues - developers are working on it

@JosephThayne is this still stuck?

@DonovanMcNeil I can’t tell because I can’t log in.

Looking at the error console, I am showing 50 errors most of which are either CORS policy issues or a tld mismatch with the captcha.

If login magically starts working again, I will answer your question, but I am unable to for now.

@JosephThayne try an incognito/private window

@DonovanMcNeil That worked. The file is still pending.

@JosephThayne thanks

Just checked, and the report is still pending.

There is a change going into system now to hopefully fix this - you will probably need to delete the pending and try again - maybe wait till 11 CST to start the process