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Advancement showing 540%, then 100%, now 8% - something is wrong

Hi - IHAS (I have a scout) who’s record seems to have some issue where we are not confident that the advancements are correct. When I was first made aware of the issue it was reported that this scout was at 540% complete on their First Class Rank Advancements. I took a look myself and when I checked it, it showed 100% complete even though as you can see the first 3 requirements are unchecked.

Now it shows as being 8%, but that can’t be right either as I know he’s completed more than 3 requirements.

Any light someone can shed on this would be appreciated, as we are wondering what the issue was, and if there was anyway to record any lost data.

There was a bug introduced with a change last week that caused the Percent Complete calculations to be wrong. This change was pulled on Thursday night.

Can you show us a screen shot of the Scout’s entire First Class page? We do not need the portion with his name.

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Sure thing. Please lmk if this is OK, or if you need me to take it in pieces to allow it to be larger:

I have duplicated this issue on our test system and reported it to the developers.

Thank you. Any idea of an ETA? I ask in that we’re trying to decide if we should manually try to back-fill this now, or wait a few days and see what it was, esp. as he’s completed his Scoutmaster conference and we’re on the fence if we should schedule his BOR (board of review).

The bug is only with the Percent Completed calculation.

The Scoutmaster conference can be done at any time while a Scout is working on a particular rank - it does not have to be done as the last step before the board of review.

If the Scout has completed all of the requirements for the rank, then you should schedule the BOR.

Thanks. I’ll work with the scout, the SPL, and the SM directly then to figure out what happened to the other requirements, as we know he did more than is what is recorded.

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The reason your Scout’s First Class is showing 8% and not 11% is that 6a is not used in the Percent Complete calculation while the COVID exception for the swim test is in effect.

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Awesome - thanks Ed for the explanation :slight_smile:

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