Incorrect advancement

One of our Scouts is showing very incorrect data on his Advancement page in Scoutbook. In particular, here are the summary percentages, Scout 100%, Tenderfoot 88%, Second Class 11%, First Class 0%, Life 50%, Star 25%, Eagle 100%.

He is actually working to complete Tenderfoot now. When I look at the individual requirements for each rank, nothing is recorded, so it doesn’t make sense why any of the percentages would be showing up, let alone recording 100% for Eagle.

Additionally he has at least one Merit Badge recorded that he says he has not completed.

When I try to look at the details on the Merit Badge that he says he has not completed, I get kicked back to my Dashboard. I am the Scoutbook admin for the Troop and I have full access to all of the scouts, so I don’t understand why I can’t look at his badge details.
What is going to be our best bet for getting this all cleared up for him?


Check his membership. Under current membership, does the troop have a green shield? Is their also a pack listed under current? If so, add an end date to the pack.

Thanks Jacob. This looks to have fixed the issues with his Advancement tracker. I need to chase down the merit badge issue with him in more detail.

@TwayneHarlow - are you still getting kicked back to the dashboard when you try to access that merit badge ? You could check the connections on the scout record for a MBC connection ? You could try removing that and then going back to that merit badge.

@Stephen_Hornak nope, once I cleared the link to his Webelos den i was able to look at his merit badge. Based on the date it shows he earned it I’m pretty sure it was a summer camp badge, so I need to chat with him about it. Thanks!

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