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Advancements not showing in PO after being approved

Short: If I approve advancements they disappear from the needs approval and don’t show up in the needs purchasing report or needs to be awarded so I have no idea what to buy.
Long: I was able to approve advancements and have them shift over to the needs to be purchased in August. All was well. In September, I approved some advancements and they dropped off, but never appeared in needs purchasing or needs to be awarded. My Tiger leader just added some that I approved and they played nice and added to the needs purchasing. On the Pack Reports list it has the needs attention hash-mark even though there are no awards to approve.

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Pretty sure you are also marking things awarded at the same time. The system is functioning correctly.

Hi @CarenMorrison, please take a look at some of these awards. In order to show up on the Needs Purchasing Report, an award / advancement needs to be marked as Completed and Approved, but not Awarded and not already on a Purchase Order (PO). If you look at a Scout’s Advancement or Awards page, the item should show up with a blue check mark next to it.

When you look at some of the items, what color are they?


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Thanks Jennifer, I did see I was jumping the gun and thought that some of the advancements were completed when it was only the requirements. I am still getting the needs attention hashtag on the Needs Approval report although there is nothing to approve. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for your advice.

I’ve seen this happen occasionally when I haven’t exited my browser/cleared the cache since I last approved things.

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