Advancing dens removed attendees events

I just ranked up our Lion-bear dens earlier this week. I now notice that all scouts who ranked up were deleted as invitees from calendar events. (The Webelos dens who did not rank up remained)
This is definitely not desirable behavior / i think this is a new bug because I dont remember it happening last year.

Did you Advance the Dens? or move (Reassign) the Scouts?

I used the “Advance den” button in the “edit den” menu

And you had den events planned? or are you talking Den Leader Experience meetings?

@DonovanMcNeil, i just experienced a similar issue. I re-assigned dens for my scouts instead of advancing the whole den structure. It pulled all scouts (not parents) out of my pack activities for two summer events that were sent out on the Pack calendar option. Scoutbook (not Den Leader Experience).

@DonovanMcNeil I don’t use DLE, this is in general Scoutbook calendar. I had one fall event on my Den calendar, and multiple events on my pack calendar that were affected. It seems like past events were not affected but I didn’t do an exhaustive search.
(I’m going to fix using the Chrome plugin/calendar attendees update)

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