Calendar Updated after logging in "as Den leader"

I have spent a great deal of time setting up my den’s calendar for the upcoming year through the Scoutbook website. I recent used the “login as den leader feature” and looked at the calendar there and my entire year is rearranged!?! I cant remove or delete any of the meetings and when I go back into Scoutbook the normal way, those meetings are now on the calendar I originally made and I cant do anything with them because it says they were created through the Den leader portal. WHAT IS GOING ON ?!

Note: I am a Den and Pack admin in scoutbook.

Any help or guidance to get these errant meetings through the den leader (beta) login would be GREATLY appreciated!

The best you can do is go back into the login as den leader and edit the event created through that to dates in the past.

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If you created meetings in the Den Leader Experience, you must go back into the Den Leader Experience and move them. If you don’t want the meeting, move it into the past; you won’t be able to delete it yet.

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I’d like to mark this as resolved but it’s akin to saying “a broken leg is fixed because the morphine took the pain away.” Thanks for the workaround.

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