Den Leader Experience Events - Unable to add new scouts

I set up the Lions calendar using Den Leader Experience tool. Only one scout existed in den at the time. Now that we have more registered Lions, the Invitees button is greyed out in standard Scoutbook. I do not see an option to add scouts to any activity in the DLE once the event is set up.

The limited editing capability for the events created with the DLE tool is frustrating, but I understand those meetings are a kit of parts. Nice tool, in general, especially for our new leaders.

How do I make Invitees one of the editable features?

We have previously been told by the developers that scouts are automatically added to future DLE events when they are added to the den. It may not appear as such within scoutbook. Do you know that they haven’t received reminders?

Testing the reminders with parents. Reminders are not the core issue.
Please help your developers understand that if scouts are ‘invisible’ to Den Leader on event, then DL cannot mark their attendance (and related advancement). This makes the nifty preset meeting structure less helpful as Den Leaders must manually mark advancement for ‘invisible’ scouts.

So, they don’t show up when you go to take attendance in DLE?

I confirmed with new parents that reminders did not reach them. The new scouts are still not available after our event for me to mark attendance. Only the original scout is listed as a participant.

How can I fix this? The meeting modules are so handy, but not if it does not include the full den.


I’m going to take this to a private message to collect some info.

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