Just throw my whole dle calendar away!

Not a “new” topic as I have seen conversations dating back to 2019 on how messed up this DLE calendar is! Here we are in 2022 going through to 2023 and it’s still in the same shape!
Ok, I decided I want to be more modern with how I run the pack and dens. So at the end of the year, I say I am going to populate the calendar for next year for the dens and leaders. Little did I know, that the adventures for LION, for example, will stay with that same Den when I advanced them to Tigers for the coming year! What the what?!! And now, I cannot delete the previous Lion rank events for the Tiger den. I DID THIS TO ALL OF MY DENS. Can I please get a do-over!? Please reset my calendars, all of them, in the DLE. We completed all previous rank adventures I don’t need them flooding the calendars for the wrong den. Please and Thank you! If you allow it, I can clean it up myself. I am the Advancement chair, Key3 delegate, Pack admin, and Treasurer. I work in IT as a profession and can navigate this thing with the right access.

@DoyleMallory - your best bet is to use scoutbook.scouting.org and not he DLE

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To my understanding, the only thing you can do is move each meeting to a date in the past.


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