Adventure Not Marked Complete with Requirements Completed

Issue: Requirements for adventure were met but Scoutbook didn’t mark the adventure as complete.

For Duty to God Footsteps for SB User ID: 12987932, the parent (SB User UD: 12987195) marked requirements 1, 3, and 4 complete (adventure says “Complete Requirement 1 or 2 plus at least two others”) but Scoutbook did not mark the adventure complete. I (Cubmaster, SB User ID: 10091480) leader approved the requirements through the pack’s Needs Approval Report. The den leader (SB User ID: 10130231) noticed today on an adventure completion report through Report Builder Manager that the requirements were met to complete the adventure but the report was showing the adventure as In Progress. She went into the Scout’s advancement and the Duty to God Footsteps adventure and Scoutbook recorded the adventure as complete (she says she didn’t check the box/record a date).

I think that is intended - I used to have a Report Builder 100% report to find those.

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