Duty to God Footsteps not showing complete

Please help me figure out if this is a bug or I’m missing something. The Wolf achievement “Duty to God Footsteps” is only showing 75% complete for my scout, but it appears he has completed it. The directions say complete 1 or 2 plus any 2 others. He has completed this, right?


this is a known and reported bug - we do not know when it will be fixed - for now just click Percent Complete and force it done

EDIT: I was thinking of something else - I just tested this and it works fine for me - using your exact requirements

Were they marked complete in scoutbook or the Scouting app?

Thanks for testing. So it’s just me? I have another scout that did 1, 3, and 4, and it completes just fine. I’m going to award it anyway, but I want to make sure it goes through for his records. Maybe I should just mark another random one so it shows completion?

I think if you go into one of the completed reqs and re-save it, it will auto complete.

I’d still like to know where the reqs were marked complete to identify the source of the bug.

I believe they were marked complete in the app. I approved them on the website.

I resaved #3 and it marked as complete. Thanks for you help and desire to make it better!

Unfortunately there are still issues with %complete when requirements are completed via the app.

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