Scoutbook not recognizing Webelos Duty to God and Bears Duty to God as completed

I have 2 Dens (Webelos and Bears) that have both completed the minimum requirements for their Duty to God/Fellowship and Duty to God adventures. When I updated Scoutbook for the cubs it still reports the adventure as not completed. I tried putting in the info for each individual Cub Scout instead of as a group and still didn’t recognize them as having completed the adventures. Any idea how I can fix this, aside from marking off part of the adventures they have not (and will not) complete which seems wrong. Any help would
Be great. Thanks.

When you say you tried doing it individually, so you mean still using quick entry, but only selecting one scout?

I have reproduced the issue with quick entry, but I’m not seeing this issue when going through the scout’s advancement page.

I have tried putting it in under each Cub Scout as an individual not using quick entry and it still won’t recognize them as having completed the adventure…

When you say you tried putting it in individually, where the individual requirements already marked complete, so you essentially just hit save with the same date? Try changing one of the dates.

Yep. I gave up and overrode it by clicking in the percent completed for the adventure and saying it was completed. It must be a bug in the system.

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