Aged Out, not listed in IA but still listed in Scoutbook

MID: 125539797
USER: 2906912

I can manually end membership but I don’t understand why this Scout is still listed in SB even though they have aged out of the program.

I’ve had this happen if the scout’s membership is not marked as “Approved” in their Scoutbook account.

Position Approved was unchecked a few days ago - the Scout remains on SB roster.

Unchecking the position/membership approved box historically prevented (I believe) the automated script from removing the scout from the roster. I’m not sure what would have prevented it before.

Do I correctly understand that the scout has been removed from the official roster at If not, that’s why they aren’t being removed. Not sure why they would be missing from the IA2 roster list. Maybe it automatically checks age against current date and hides anyone who is over 18 unless they are a registered adult or a unit participant?

Assuming that the scout is no longer on the roster at, I would re-check the membership approved box, and wait 24-48 hours to see if the scout disappears. I think that the clean-up scripts run daily, but I’m not sure about that.

Internet Advancement uses the Scoutbook roster to build its rosters. I suspect because the Scout was not approved, the Scout does not appear on the IA roster.

This Scout will remain on your official roster at until

  1. He registers as an adult
  2. Your recharter is processed after 12/31/2021.

1). He’s not listed in IA.

2). He’s not listed on my.scouting as either a youth or an adult.

3). He is listed in Scoutbook. He aged out July 2nd and the Position Approved box was unchecked a few days ago.

He is still registered with your unit. I can see registration data in Akela, the BSA Person Database and it says his registration expires 12/31/2021.

I don’t know why he does not appear on your roster in

Interesting. Two hours ago he was not in my.scouting and now, he is.

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