Removing Aged Out Scouts

How do you permanently remove aged out Scouts? I entered an end date for the memberships in the troop in Scoutbook and they were “removed” but were back on the roster the next day. Yes, I see them in IA2 on the roster. I am not a Key 3 or Key 3 delegate (I am adv coord) and the Troop’s Scoutbook administrator. I am just trying to clean things up.


They are likely still on the charter - if you put an end date in Scoutbook they should not come back in. You can post a BSA # and we can look @JonathanKing1

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil. I read through some other older threads discussing removing scouts and adults, and it seemed that if they were still on the charter, removing them from Scoutbook did not remove them from the roster, and they would come back. I would think (hope) that for scouts that aged out there was a process to allow the units the clean this up.

Here are their BSA IDs.
SB User ID/ BSA Member ID:
4006055 / 132333600

SB User ID/ BSA Member ID:
8170763 / 132395361

This has been reported to BSA IT but we do not know when there will be a resolution.

I recommend moving these Scouts to an Alumni patrol so they do not clutter other patrol rosters.

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Thank you both. I was pretty sure I was following the correct procedure but wasn’t sure if there was something additional that was needed to remove them from IA2 roster as well.

I do have the same question for scouts that have quit mid-year. They were on our last recharter but have since quit. I assume ending membership as I did for the aged out scouts will result on the same thing. They will show removed for a day or two, but then be auto-repopulated. Is this correct? Is this also the issue that has been reported to BSA IT?


Scouts that quit mid-year will remain on your roster until recharter because they are paid through the end of the year.

We believe it is the same issue with the aged out Scouts coming back. Our understanding was they should not be placed back on the Scoutbook roster unless their record in Akela was updated, causing the system to push them back out. It appears there is something other than a change in the record that is causing them to be put back on the Scoutbook roster.

Thank you @edavignon .

If you really want a clean roster for aged out scouts, have them complete YPT and have them register as an Unit College Scouter Reserve. It will remove them from your youth roster, and hopefully keep them involved in scouting as an adult. It costs no money, as their membership is paid for the full year, and it does not hurt your training stats, as this position requires no training.


I’ll comment that reality may vary by locality. Some of us (e.g. California) have supplemental training and background check requirements beyond those the BSA directly requires, and which are not inexpensive. The same thing is true of some chartering organizations. So, some folks (e.g. scouters serving Catholic-entity chartering organizations in California) have multiple sets of mandatory background checks and training, together with the associated fees and time investment for each. Also, I’m not 100% sure that councils simply transfer a registration from a youth to adult. After all, youth don’t require background checks whereas adults do. Most folks I’ve spoken to have been charged by their council when submitting an adult application “transferring” to anything other than an adult unit participant role (e.g. Venturers who are 18+), and even some of them have been charged the background check fees.

I’m certainly not opposing the idea of Unit College Scouter Reserve registration, just trying to point out that there are significant geographical and other differences that impact the real-world “cost” associated with a 92U registration.

Yes, there can be additional local requirements, both state and from your charter org. I’ve changed several youth to adult, and have not been charged a fee for the background check. That said, it is always a good idea to check with your local council.


Interesting to see the variation in what’s going on out there in terms of youth-to-adult conversions. I wonder what the difference is. I suppose that’s technically not a question for these forums anymore. :^P

Can aged out scouts or scouts that quit mid-year be removed in IA2 by a key 3?

No. It would be a council / registrar effort. Most will not do it unless their membership really is canceled vs just inactive.

Some councils do not charge for background checks.

Most councils will not remove a paid member until their paid term expires because it is VERY hard to bring them back if they decide they did not want to quit.

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We have an InActive Patrol and move Scouts there till recharter is done.
I was putting end date in membership too and had same issue. We also have Scouts who took a break from Scouts and came back so this InActive Patrol has worked for those too.

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