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Scouts on roster not showing up in Scoutbook suddenly

I have several special needs Scouts over the age of 18 in my unit that are registered beyond the age of eligibility and are listed now on the my.scouting.org roster as ‘Unit Participant’, however they no longer show up in Scoutbook (they did previously). During these trying times we are continuing to hold meetings virtually, and continue to track advancement, however we are no longer able to for these Scouts. How do we get these Scouts’ records back in Scoutbook?

Hi, @AnthonyHightower,

When did your scouts’ status change from “youth” to “Unit Participant” in my.scouting? Generally, when my roster has changed at my.scouting, it takes a couple of days for Scoutbook to catch up with it.

The first thing I would check was whether or not the scouts’ accounts are still connected to mine via My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Connections, and hunting for the scouts’ names. If they are still there, you can add a membership in your unit by clicking on each scout’s name, then clicking on their Memberships, and adding one in your unit.

If the scouts’ accounts aren’t there, I’m wondering if the Unit Participant label changes the account form somehow such that it is more like an adult account than a youth.

Comments from SUAC?

That might be the issue - looking at their membership, have the message “DateEnded set by AkelaSBDeltaSync as AkelaExiryDate < CharterRenewalDate” populated in the notes and an end date set…removing the date ended seems to add them back to the roster. Thanks!

The developers have confirmed the creation of the Unit Participant type is preventing Member Update from pulling the Scouts into Scoutbook. We are testing a workaround but will not know if it works until tomorrow when Member Update runs again.

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Please report back tomorrow if the Scouts are still on your Scoutbook roster.

Might have jumped the gun - the only one of the 18+ Scouts that is still listed as connected to me is my own son…so assume that the parental connection is higher than the unit admin connection…none of the other 3 scouts show up in My Connections anymore…

OK, I’ll let you know if the other workaround we are testing works when I hear back tomorrow.

Looks like the overnight run end-dated again the membership for the one UP scout i have access to (my son)


I heard back on the test. You can bring these > 18 Scouts back into Scoutbook by using the Transfer In Scout function on your unit roster page. You will need the Scout’s BSA Member ID and last name. Do not change the start date of the membership.

Unable to pull in any of the Scouts other than my own…get the message 'We could not find a matching Scout. Please check the info and try again or contact BSA Member Care." Pulling the information straight from the unit roster I pulled from my.scouting.org on Monday. The only Scout that works (sort of) is my own son, but the message I see on his profile now is ‘[his name] has not been matched with a Scout in your Unit’s official roster. Please check with your council.’

Thanks for the update. It sounds like we will need to wait for the developers to fix this.

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