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Can someone please explain why we have inactive and unapproved scouts dating back to 2016 still listed in our unit in Scoutbook? Should not Scouts that are no longer active in our unit at the last recharter drop off? Why haven’t all bridged scouts dropped off our Scoutbook roster?

If we have scouts on this years charter that have quit, should I move them to an inactive den in Scoutbook and unapproved them? Or should I keep them as approved? If they are still approved, how do I make sure they don’t receive emails?


Member Update only removes Scouts from your roster that have approved membership when they drop off of the Akela roster. It sounds like you had Scouts that were unapproved in Soutbook when you rechartered for 2019. Member Update would not have removed these Scouts.

To clean this up, we recommend you approve these Scouts then use Connection Manager to remove all connections except Admins and Parents/Guardians. The easiest way to do this is to use the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox which allows you to click on the Scout’s name to change all connections at once. After removing the connections, go back to the Scout’s membership and add an End Date. This will remove the Scout from your roster.

In my prior troops, which were affiliated with military dependents, we used to keep inactive scouts (most who had moved) in our Scoutbook (SB) records until we knew they were up and running in another troop at their new base. We had our normal patrols, then one in Scoutbook called “In/Out/Inactive” where we could stash them away in case we needed the info.

  • Move (SB to SB unit)- the scout might leave in June and then around Sept, we’d be contacted to help transfer them into the new unit’s Scoutbook. Procedures have changed over the years but it was normally pretty seamless.
  • Move (SB to non-SB) - we’d sometimes get calls from parents or new leaders asking to confirm something, or to print out a report lost in the military move.
  • Quit/stopped attending - we held these for a while in case they came back, so they could start back up where they left off
  • Prospective scout - A scout moving to us from another base - we’d normally learn about this from an email or facebook message. We’d add the inbound family to the roster, so they’d receive emails about our upcoming meetings/events.
    For our units, with about 1/3 turning over every year, keeping the inactive/unapproved in our files made sense, at least for a while.

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