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All adults in the pack have "view profile" permission to all youth


This is Stefan, cubmaster with Pack 639 in Chief Seattle Council, Alpine district.

We noticed a while back that, without any of our doing, all of a sudden all adults in the pack have view profile permission to all youth, including phone numbers, address, birthday which makes this a privacy issue.
We contacted Chief Seattle Council, who emailed scoutbook.support@scouting.org but never got a response.
“Clean Old Connections” only removes 8 of 81 connections. I would expect to see 15 or less since we only have 13 leaders in the pack.

Please advise.


@StefanAhrensdorf - would any of those names happen to be parents in the den or pack ? If you want to remove the connections then start in the den > connection manager > click on the grid section you want to change then save. You can also click on their name and set global connections. I do not however see the issue if they are parents of current scouts in the unit but that is me.

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View Profile only does not provide access to personal information. All View Profile provides is access to the Scout’s last name, their picture if it is in Scoutbook, current rank and positions. Address and phone number are not provided with View Profile.

Clean Old Connections does not remove connections to parents of other Scouts in the unit. It only removes connections to adults that are not leaders in the unit, leaders in a unit the Scout is dual registered in or parents of a Scout in any unit the Scout is registered in.

Remember, if parents don’t have “View Profile” permissions for a particular Scout, they cannot message that Scout’s parents. If you are trying to get parents more involved in planning activities for your Pack, making communication more difficult is a big roadblock.

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