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Multiple Parents Connected to Multiple Scouts

I have 2 units on Scoutbook, a pack & a troop. In both units it appears that all the parents of my unit are connected as “Adult Leaders” to other scouts in that unit. These parents are not adult leaders and do not show up in the roster. How do I correct this?

Which screen are you on?

Jennie - if the parents are connected with view rights the connection page for the scout will show them as adult leader as they are obviously not the parent.

This is my daughter’s connections page. It says she has 71 connections. We do not have 71 adult leaders. Most of these are parents of other scouts. Some are parents of scouts no longer in our pack.

But why do they have view rights to kids other than their own?

Jennie - For those parents no longer in the pack you can delete the connection. I had that view only set up so that the parents could use the message system within the den and pack. If it is view they really do not get to see or do much with the other scout information.

You could go to the den page then connection manager and remove the connections that way… much faster process. It would appear that another admin made those connections.

I’m the only admin who actually uses Scoutbook full-on right now.
When I go to the den and go to connections manager I do not see the parents, only when I am viewing individual scouts.

Jennie - if it helps I can set up a screen share and we can walk through the process. You can email and we can take a look.

Jennie - call me! You have my number!

When we set up the Pack, we gave all parents View profile (using the permissions by position feature). When you look at an individual scout’s connections on their connections page, all adults are listed as “adult leader” which is confusing, but doesn’t mean they are a leader on the roster.

The Den connections page you will see all connected adults “in the den” listed, which will include leaders on the unit roster, but not parents of scouts in other dens.

If you go to the connections page from the unit roster, you will see all connected adults “in the unit” listed. You will not see nova counselors or merit badge counselors from other units that are connected on that page.

In a Troop, view profile to scouts is necessary for parents to be able to use the Messages (emails or texts) to other scout parents.

View Profile doesn’t do much otherwise. On the roster, if a parent has view profile of a Scout, they can click on the Scout’s name and last name and see their rank and their parent’s names, and thats it. Without View profile the Scout name is first name and first initial of the last name, grayed out and not clickable.

Gary - it looks like you may be on top of the issue but as always I am willing to assist.