Parents (not registered leader) have Leader Permission?

I am the Unit Admin. I checked with the Connection Manager today and found out most (90%) of parents (not registered adults) have leader permits and connect to all scouts. How can I fix it? Is there anything to do with the Feature Assistant? I checked the Permission by Position. Parents cannot view any scouts’ profiles.

What do you mean by “leader permits and connect to all scouts”? Scoutbook delineates two different things: Relationship and Permissions.

Relationship: Parent/Guardian, Other Family Member, Adult Leader, Merit Badge Counselor (not available in Cub Scouting program)

Permissions: Full Control, Edit Advancement, View Advancement, Edit Profile, View Profile

What specifically is the issue raising your concern? Maybe you can post a screenshot (with names removed) that shows the issue. I find that often helps the folks here when I have an issue I can’t resolve.

Parents (to their own children) and unit admins (to all scouts in the unit) have irrevocable Full Control permissions per BSA mandate. That doesn’t mean that parents are connected as leaders, nor that a parent can (unless they are also connected as an Adult Leader) mark advancement and awards Leader Approved or Awarded in Scoutbook.

I know that there have been some issues with this in the recent past, but I thought they had been resolved in the most recent Feature Assistant Extension release.

I’m not clear on what you mean by this. Is this a statement of the current behavior you are observing, or a policy statement?

In the Connections Manager, I saw a lot of parents who are not registered adults have view profiles and view advancement permission. I am not able to remove them with Feature Assistant. How did it come out in the first place?

This is a known issue with connection manager. You can remove them one by one or just not worry about them. View Profile and View Advancement are not seen as security issues by the BSA.

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There is information on what the various permission levels mean here: Granting Roles and Permissions in Scoutbook (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

and on Connection Manager here: Using Connection Manager to Set Positions (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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When I go to a Scout’s Connections, I see a lot of parents who are not leader but has connection with scout as Adult Leader (which is grey out and I can’t remove it). I can only remove every incorrect connection one by one.
I am not going to be bored this weekend. lol

The issue is that there isn’t an “Other” connection type.

If you want your parents to be able to use Scoutbook’s messaging system to be able to contact other parents, then they need to be connected to the Scouts in the troop with View Profile (or higher) permissions.

If they are not a leader in the unit, then they cannot approve anything.

Got it, @AndyChan.

As @JenniferOlinger already noted, because there isn’t an “other” type of connection, having parents able to email other parents (or scouts, which will also cc the parents) or leaders via Scoutbook, this is the only way that works (for now).

I’ll be honest and say that I thought it defaulted to creating an “other family member” relationship. I’m not sure what the difference in “access” is for an “other family member” versus “leader” relationship type, though. Maybe defaulting to Leader makes sense for some reason internal to the software.

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