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Old Connections Issue

A group of 4 Webelos crossed over into our troop last spring. One of the parents had full access to the scouts in their pack because of his position there. He still has full access in the troop even though he isnt even a registered adult with us and holds no position in Scout Book. It will not let me remove full control from him since I am guessing it is something left over from the pack.
Going to the pack to have it fixed is not an option. What can be done from our end to resolve this?


Does this adult’s connections to these Scout’s have the Parent/Guardian box set? If so, you will need to get him to remove the Parent/Guardian check box or send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org to have it cleared for the Scouts that are not his children. For youth protection purposes, only a Parent/Guardian can change their own Parent/Guardian check box.

If it is not checked, let us know so we can figure out what is going on.

Looking at it, there is no connection I can see between him and the scouts (looking its actually more than just the 4 that crossed over, anyone that was in the pack while he was there he has access too still. Also another parent that was a den leader at the pack has full access to all of our scouts that came from that pack.


On your Troop Roster page, use the Clean Old Connection button to remove connections to leaders of the pack that are still connected to your Scouts. It will not remove connections between parents and their Scouts or between parents of Scouts in your unit and other Scouts in your unit. Let me know if that fixes the problem.

I had done that and it cleared some other connections but not those. Since my son is one of the ones from the pack that he is still connected to I checked the connections. It shows the new scouts parent as connected to my son as an adult leader with full control. And as I said, he isnt even registered with the troop as anything other then a parent of his scout.

I was able to delete the connection from inside my sons account, I will try to do that from the other scouts and see if it works.

If he is a parent of a Scout in your unit, you should be able to go to your Troop Roster page, click on Connection Manager then click on his name to change his connection to everyone in the troop except his own Scout.

Yep, the solution is, I have to go to each scout that is connected to him and delete the connection from inside the scouts connection list.

yeah, that does nothing, bug I guess. I posted what I found that works and will mark it as a solution. But maybe we need to send up feedback about the issue?

Also double check each Scout’s Membership page just to make sure that they don’t still have an active membership with the pack. They shouldn’t, but sometimes this happens.

Checked and the only active membership on any of them is with our troop. Took a little while but I was able to fix the connections manually through each scouts connection page. I just worry that any time a scout crosses over from a pack their old connections will persist and I will have to manually review them.

What I’ve done in the past is add the person to my roster as a leader so they show up in the Connection Manager, remove all of their connections to the scouts in bulk, then end the leader role.

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The clean old connections was designed for exactly this. If you happen to have one that you didn’t fix, we could refer the developers to it to see what’s going on.

I’m going to send you a DM to collect some info.

I sent you a direct message. Check the avatar in the upper right corner of the forums.

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