ALL leaders added to a den meeting (not just the den leaders)

When I am trying to create a new den meeting, the calendar is adding ALL leaders (not just the leaders associated with the subunit) to the meeting invite. Is this a bug or am I missing the way to only include the leaders for that den?

I already removed the pack from the invitees, so only the den is showing up.

Event ID 5799035

@StephanieJackson1 what are you doing? are you using the Pack Calendar or the Den Calendar? is Event Type Den Meeting? If Pack Calendar and Den Meeting system does not know the Den so it adds all users. If Den Calendar then it knows leaders.

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I am using the den calendar and the meeting type is den meeting and no, the calendar does not know the leaders. As soon as I clicked "den meeting’ as the event type, it added 23 leaders to my event automatically.

@StephanieJackson1 noted and reported

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