Adding scouts to new den event w/ feature assistant shows all pack leadership

Suppose you have a den with a small number of leaders (3 in this case but doesn’t matter):
And you create a calendar event, and click ‘Add Invitees’ to add people to the event:
And you click on ‘Members’ and then ‘Select All’, and all scouts in the den are added to the event. Scouts in other dens don’t show up (as expected):
But if you click on ‘Leaders’, then the entire pack leadership is shown in the list. You’d expect to see only the 3 den leaders:
If you click ‘Select All’, then the entire pack leadership receives an email for the den event, even though they aren’t part of the den.

This behavior changed sometime over the summer. Last spring when you’d go to click ‘Leaders’ for a den event, it would show only the den leaders.

The issue was that for youth protection rules, dens often need to invite other pack leaders to fulfill two deep leadership. So, they were added as an option.

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In this case though, the den already has multiple leaders and already satisfies 2-deep leadership requirements.

What should one do in this case? Only selectively add those leaders that should be invited to a particular event?

Or perhaps the list of categories on the left could be expanded from 4 to 5: “Den Chiefs”, “Members”, “Parents”, “Den Leaders”, and “Pack Leaders”?

I would selectively invite adults, then duplicate the event using the Extension’s Copy Event button to create the next one. That preserves your invitee list, and allows you to just fiddle through changing the details of the event. You can safely use Select All to update scouts and parents invited to the meeting, without disturbing the leader invitee list (e.g. if scouts join or leave the den).

It’s not clear that subdividing the leaders into “Den Leadership” and “Not Den Leadership” is a near-term change. The subdivisions are part of “native” Scoutbook, rather than part of the extension. It took a while to get the change made to offer the option of inviting more than just the adults assigned to the den/patrol as leadership. Another reasonable proposal for modifications to the calendar recently got a response that the calendar is being rewritten, and they would pass along the request to development.

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