Calendar Attendance by Den Leaders

It appears that when I create events for the den as the Cubmaster, the den leaders are unable to update the attendance after the event has occurred. The den leaders should be able to update the attendance for their assigned den. Any assistance on this issue is appreciated.

Cubmaster, Pack 4544

@BrianDavis7 - are you certain they can not ?

Yes, I am certain they cannot update attendance after the event has completed.

Two questions:

  1. Are the den meetings on their respective den calendars, or on the pack calendar?

  2. Are they also appearing as Den Admins for their respective dens?

ETA: I realized that I assumed these were den meetings on the calendar, as opposed to activities in the activity logs. Those are a somewhat different animal, so if that’s what’s being considered, please let us know so folks are looking in the “right” spot.

The event type is Den Meeting and the den leaders are den admins for their respective den. I can update the attendance for the den meeting, but they (den leaders) cannot.

Thanks. And the events are definitely on the respective den calendars, not the pack calendar?

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