Entire Troop 777, Brownsville, TX has yellow triangle ! attached to members on roster in SB

Troop successfully rechartered, and all was well up to this morning when I discovered that all adults and youth have the yellow triangle ! Icon after their names on the unit roster. Why?

It randomly happens. Log out and back in usually clears it

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Tried your suggestion with no joy.

When it happened to me, it cleared overnight.

Yeah, I’d give it overnight and report back here if they are still there.

Hope that it goes away overnight and does not magically appear again. Thanks.

Report back if not resolved in 24 hours. Before reporting, make sure to rest in an incognito window of Cheimw.

No change overnight, and don’t understand, “…make sure to rest in an incognito window of Cheimw.”

@COL_Ret_RobertMacEac - I am thinking that was meant to be chrome

Sorry! Test in Chrome in an incognito window. Go to the menu and try incognito menu item.

@COL_Ret_RobertMacEac Which council and unit is this for?

Rio Grande Council, Troop 777, KMS, Brownsville, TX

It is something in your computer - try clearing cache. I just logged into your troop and no :yellow_square: . maybe try an incognito

Im having the same issues. Our Advancement Chair looked at my account and she informed that on her end everything is good. No triangles. For me it shows up regardless of what device I log into. Phone, office computer and home laptop. I have cleared my cache, loged out and back in and restarted/ rebooted devices. Triangles still there. Has been for more than 2 days.

Perhaps the icon will be cleared after SB fiddles with the program tonight. Good Luck to us!

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So I logged in on my office computer just now. Still showing yellow triangles next to EVERYONE on the troop roster but I am able to mark leader approved on my scouts rank advancements and awards.


The problem is due to last week’s API change to fix a security issue. The developers are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Ignore the :warning: for now.

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Thank you for the quick response and a definitive answer to the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to all for sharing and offering your experiences and solutions, particularly you, Ed. Today, the Warning Icon disappeared with the message from SB that matched your post. But, I discovered that I grew to like and admire the Warning Icon’s design. Yes, I must admit that I miss it, and even had a dream about it. I don’t claim to be an Oracle or Nostradamus, but it seemed so real. I saw thousands of Scouts BSA Troops, standing in unit formations with one thing they all had in common. Yes, in each unit there was a Warning Icon Patrol, whose shoulder patch stood out from all the others. Could it actually be a true vision of the future? If it happens, it will truly be iconic!


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