Yellow Triangles Return!

I think these same 3 adults had incorrect yellow triangles before. So, this seems like a bug regression.

12983795 & 135549993 - yellow triangle in Pack, yet registered in Pack

120878389 - yellow triangle in Troop, yet registered.

Be patient, I’m working on the change log :smile:

The yellow triangles are present for any leaders or Scouts who are not on your official roster or there BSA Member ID in Scoutbook does not match the BSA Member ID on the roster.


MID 120878389 is only registered as a Merit Badge Counselor so the yellow triangle is correct. The developers are investigating the others.

I think it’s not quite working as intended right now. I have three adults on my roster that I think should have yellow triangles, but only one does. The other two are registered leaders with another unit we work closely with, and are on our Scoutbook roster so they can access our calendar and message our leadership committee. They do not have yellow triangles by their names.

MID 124136395 seems to be correct
MID 12185669 and 128408563 do not have the yellow triangle, but aren’t on our unit roster at


Do you have these adults listed as Scout Parent on your roster? That position is not supposed to be used. We need to have it removed from SB.

I do. We can edit the position in our troop easily enough.

I think that is why it isn’t showing the triangle. I doubt that position was considered when coded because it is not supposed to be used. I’ll let the developers know.


I have 3 scouts that have the yellow triangle. I checked SB and their id number listed there is the same as on our roster in my.scouting.

The 2 that were incorrect have been resolved. Thanks!

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