"Another user using the same email address"

As of last night, I’m receiving a warning on the My Account menu item on the Dashboard that states: “Warning, another user is using the same email address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum.”

So here I am, posting, as I should only have one account and I’m the only user of my email address. :slight_smile:

@TiffanyEschbach it was applied to your scouts - I changed it to the one on the account

Thanks. Does that mean my scout’s account no longer has his email address and therefore cannot log in anymore?

No his log in is fine - I BET Council has your email on his AKELA (Membership) account. I would have them change that - or have him log into my.scouting.org (with same credentials) and go to My Profile to change the email

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