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Any Good Method Yet for Transferring from TroopMaster Web 2.0?

Has anyone come up with a good method for transferring a troop from TroopMaster Web 2.0 to ScoutBook. The problem is that all but a very select number of reports are only generated as PDF files in TroopMaster. Those that are CSV, such as the Personal Data file, only provide the very basic information. TroopMaster does create a XFR file for Scouts and Adults that is supposed to be for transferring to another unit. However, with that file TroopMaster is assuming the new unit also uses TroopMaster. Has anyone come up with a solution for parsing XFR files into the correct CSV files needed for importing to Scoutbook?

I know Scoutbook already has our current roster, as well as any advancements turned in through Internet Advancement 2.0, but that sill leaves the all important info of camping days and nights, service hours, and partial MBs and Rank Advancements.

Scoutbook does not have anything specific for transferring from TroopMaster. There are some tools for importing CSV Parent data via the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook on Chrome and Firefox.

Thanks. I am hopeful the folks at TroopMaster will prove helpful. I always had a lot of respect for them, but it has certainly diminished now that it appears they are taking away necessary tools in an effort to make it very hard to go to another platform. It seems the XFR file might be the way to go, if I can find some way to convert it to a CSV.

Good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I simply can’t find a way to import partial MBs & ranks by running the TroopMaster Web export and converting the resulting PDFs into CSV. The PDF format is such that it would be quicker for me to just manually update the info in ScoutBook.

The good news is that it did not take long to export a Participation History report from TroopMaster Web, convert to Excel, then cleanup and create logs.csv. Did this and imported into ScoutBook. At least I have all camping, service, and hiking logs updated.

Now that the Feature Assistant extension provides many of the missing parts for Troop management, many units might make the leap from TroopMaster Web, if someone could create a small utility for parsing through the necessary PDF files to create the files ScoutBook needs for importing.

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when you transferred the data from TroopMaster to Scoutbook, did you lose any data that was already in Scoutbook? I have been manually entering the merit badges and information, very time consuming.

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