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Exporting Scoutbook or Internet Advancement back to Troopmaster?

Our new girls Troop started out with Scoutbook because free. However, our linked boys Troop uses Troopmaster and, let’s face it, it’s worlds better. So, our girls Troop is going to pay the money and switch to Troopmaster. Thus, I’m asking if anyone knows how to get the information entered in Scoutbook into Troopmaster? Maybe it has to come in from Internet Advancement, but that’s its own whole mystery.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Internet Advancement 2 (IA2) does not the information for partial completions. You want to get the Scoutbook data.

I am not a Troopmaster user. There are several versions of Troopmaster. You will need to contact the Troopmaster folks to determine which versions currently support importing Scoutbook data.

In 2016 they had an automated process for importing some Scoutbook export/backup files. Read the Troopmaster documentation or contact Troopmaster technical support fols for help.

See Scoutbook help file:

Since they would be purchasing the latest Troopmaster they would get the cloud based one. This would also get them the mobil app. Troopmaster has a “import from Scoutbook”. I don’t know what you will get because Scoutbook and TM don’t talk real good.

I have used TM for years with Cub Scouts and then with the Troop. For us, the benefits for SB are the cost and the automatic syncing with ScoutNet. This is likely not an issue with most districts, but my own has huge gaps in advancement that we sent to them using the TM export.

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