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Advancement.csv upload

Moving a large troop from TroopMaster to ScoutBook.
After a couple back-and-forths with scoutbook, I got a note that my advancements.csv has been uploaded with no errors. I spot-checked my import, and some rank requirements got uploaded but others didn’t. Not sure what to make of that, let alone how to fix it…

Well not sure if I would use that upload personally - I think I would use the Scoutbook.scouting.org import file from Troopmaster if you are on the current version of Troopmaster

If I only wanted completed ranks, I agree. I want to transfer all the in-progress rank requirements from troopmaster, and AFAIK, IA2 (a.k.a. scoutbook.scouting.org) doesn’t support that. I’d love to be wrong about that.

I haven’t used that import in years. Do you get an email that it was imported? Did the email have a ticket number?

It’s intended to be a once-per-unit feature, for the initial import, so not surprising.

Yes, I got an email with an error report.
Then tried again, and got an email with a different error report.
Then tried again and got an email saying it was all imported. But…it wasn’t. I’ve got a ticket and am exchanging emails with support, but it kinda feels like programming in the days of punch cards :slight_smile:

What’s the ticket number?

Don’t drop them!!! Oooooh…I hope you had that deck numbered. :^)


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