Anyone else having issues with entering roundtable info?

Has anyone else had issues with trying to save roundtables in progress in Commissioner Tools? We have tried multiple times, multiple browsers (Chrome included), cleared cache, and still can’t save a Roundtable in Progress. The save in progress button seems to do nothing. Do we just need to open a ticket with National?

I just saved one In Progress and it seemed to go okay. I just created a new one dated today, skipped filling in notes and attendance and clicked Continue. I was warned about notes being required but could click “Save In Progress”. It then showed as in progress.

My being behind on records has allowed me to have a small input on this, but no actual help.

Yesterday, I finished and saved an in-process RT. Then, entered a second, start to finish, and saved. And, finally, started a third, and saved it as in-process.

I had no issues with saving.

Thanks all for the replies. We isolated that the problem is with one org level (one district) but not our others. Very weird. We have opened a ticket with National to see if they can pinpoint what is occurring to cause it to fail with one district only.