Protect Yourself (Webelos) auto-populates AOL elective adventure

Random issue that won’t affect a huge amount of people, but would be worth fixing.

Some of our Webelos Scouts completed Protect Yourself for Rank Requirement #5b. Then they completed Cyber Chip which completes AOL #5a. For the scouts who had not yet competed a second elective adventure (their first elective fills the Webelos Rank Requirement #3), AOL Rank Requirement #3 gets auto-populated with the Protect Yourself (Webelos) Adventure.

Since they used Protect Yourself for Web #5b, it seems like they should not be able to use it for AOL #3 and Scoutbook should not shunt it there.

The guidelines for the Protect Yourself Adventure let is be used as an elective adventure if Cyber Chip is also completed. Scoutbook is properly moving it to an elective adventure if Cyber Chip is complete.

Hmm. I was assuming it could only be an elective adventure if it was never used in place of Cyber Chip. Since it was used in place of Cyber Chip for Webelos, I thought it could not be an elective, even for AOL. I guess the Cyber Chip then counts for both ranks?

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Cyber Chip is not well defined. When I was a Cub Scout leader, if the Scout’s Cyber Chip was active on the day Webelos was completed, I marked it complete for Arrow of Light.

Did your Scout complete Cyber Chip prior to earning Webelos? Was Protect Yourself Adventure the only elective completed prior to completing Webelos?

So, for these two Webelos, they have completed one elective adventure and protect yourselves and cyber chip, but they have one more required adventure for Webelos. So, technically, I could just put cyber chip for Webelos, and then when they finish the rank, mark cyber chip for AOL as well and then protect yourself would legitimately be their elective adventure for AOL.

That’s what I would do.

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