Cub Scout joined as AOL, forced to complete extra requirements

I have a scout that joined as a fifth grader this year and I’m running into the following issue. One of the requirements for earning the AOL rank is…

  1. In addition to the four required adventures, complete at least one elective adventure of your den’s or family’s choosing.

He has completed an elective, but it’s the only one he has done. Scoutbook says this is a requirement which will be automatically marked as completed, however it isn’t updating.

to to scout page - Edit profile - there is a toggle for working toward AOL @Matt

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you, this is fantastic!

I am my packs advancement guide and I’ve seen this on at least 1 of our AOLs. If I toggle them over from Webelo to AOL so that the default percentage tracker is locked onto the AOL does the toggle do anything else? Also out of curiosity can I toggle it back from AOL to Webelo?

@JohnRennpferd The intent is that it is a switch to be used for 5th grade Webelos Scouts who do not plan to earn the Webelos rank. But yes, you can switch it back from AOL to Webelos, if you want.

The switch will disappear once a Webelos Scout has earned the Webelos rank, because the switch isn’t needed anymore.

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Ok, that makes sense. In this case that I am aware of the Scout is actively pursuing AOL after taking time off from Scouting due to the pandemic; my understanding of the guide to advancement is that you cannot work back on missed ranks. Based on all of that I should double check the whole den and reach out to the den leader to arrange one of us making toggle corrections.

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@JohnRennpferd The Webelos program is a bit different, because it is a single program (Webelos) that covers 2 grades and 2 ranks (Webelos and Arrow of Light).

I am not sure what the specifics are in the case that you are talking about, but a 5th grader has the option to earn both Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks.

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