Scout who is AOL but was not a Webelos

We have a new scout this year who joined our AOL den. In the past, all scouts had to complete Webelos before completing AOL however, this has not been the case since advancement changed back in 2015. However, Scoutbook does not diffferentiate between AOL and Webelos dens. I have having trouble figuring out why it was not showing progress for his AOL when we marked off certain requirements (like his elective adventure) and discovered it was all being credited toward his Webelos award. Is there anyway to choose which requirement and award is being credited to or can a seperator be put in for AOL and Webelos dens.

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@BrettBatz - in the scout page look for edit extended information below edit profile and set the slider to working on AOL and set the start date if that field is there. Additionally there is really no such thing as AOL dens as they are all webelos scouts


@Stephen_Hornak Perfect, thank you. All my years using scoutbook and never new that option was there.

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