AoL marked earned before all requirements met


I am a Webelos 2 Den leader and I’ve run across a problem in Scoutbook. I used the “Quick Entry” option to mark all of my boys with having completed the “Be active in your Den” requirement for Arrow of Light. For a few of the boys, this was the last requirement they needed for earning the rank and Scoutbook automatically marked them as completing the AoL. However, one boy still needs to complete one of the required adventures. Somehow, Scoutbook marked this boy as having completed AoL even though it still shows the one adventure missing.

I’ve tried clearing out the date earned field for the AoL award, but it doesn’t take effect. I’ve also had our Pack Committee Chair try this, and he is also unable to clear it out. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Many thanks!

It sounds like the code is autocompleting. Can you temporarily mark one of the underlying requirements as not completed? Maybe the parent pamphlet exercises. Then you should be able to remove the AOL rank completion.

Removing the award for the pamphlet does allow me to clear the AoL award! It looks like there is a bug related to the Scouting Adventure. If the Scouting Adventure is the only requirement not completed, Scoutbook will mark AoL as completed.

For now, I’ll leave the pamphlet exercise unmarked. This will be fun to explain to the parents.

Double-check the version year toggle for AOL rank to make sure that it’s set to the most current version (2019-2020). That might make a difference.

We stared with the 2016 version.

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