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Arrow of Light completing too soon

I am advancement chair for our pack. I was entering AOL Required adventure requirements for my son and AOL Rank auto-completed with the Scouting Adventure only 94% complete. He does have every other requirement done, but I cannot undo the AOL completed. Initially it showed completed on today’s date, when I removed any date and saved it, unapproved, it now shows when the date of when he finished 6 months active in his den as when he completed AOL.

Looks like a bit of a bug. He will finish his last requirement at his den meeting tonight, so this will be resolved for him soon, but I am going to be entering some requirements for the rest of his den tonight, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up seeing more of this bug showing up. This will make it hard for me to explain to the families what their sons need to work on to finish AOL in time for the crossover in February if it looks like they have already finished.

This is a known bug. We hope to see a fix for it soon.

Thanks - it didn’t come up in my search

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