App confused by AOL working on certain electives

A scout that has been awarded AOL is thought by the app, but not website, to be working on Webelos rank. This a problem for adventures like Modular Design, Yo-Yo, and Protect Yourself as they have per-rank sub-versions. The result is that progress in those adventures don’t match the website, where they are correctly logged against the AOL variants.

@JoshSteinhurst - are you referring to the red scouting app which only for parents and scouts


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@JoshSteinhurst - i gather you are the parent then?

Perhaps some screenshots may help

Yes, in this case I am the parent and a pack admin.

Just a shot in the dark, but is the scout’s “Working towards” toggle set to Arrow of Light or Webelos in the profile (extended profile?) information? If it’s set to Webelos, does changing the setting fix the issue?

The toggle no longer exists on the extended profile page for the scout since they have earned either of Webelos or AOL.


I have found the Scout and reported this to the develoepers